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Busy Urban Life Bringing Potential Health Market

According to White Paper on the Health Condition of White-collar Workers in China’s Urban Areas, 76% of the white-collar workers in major cities of China are sub-healthy. Nearly 60% are overworking. Who can be described as being healthy only account for 3% or less. Therefore, more and more people begin to pay attention to their diet and food safety. They would like to choose that kind of food which is good for their health and full of nutrition. Among natural, healthy and drug-free food, vegetarian food is a typical case. It gains greater and greater popularity with the development of the world.

Best Vegetarian Food Fair Leading the Trend of Global Veggie Food Industry

China Xiamen International Vegetarian Food Fair (CXIVFF) is the first fair that centered on vegetarian food, environment protection and health in Mainland China. Xiamen has a great many vegetarian food restaurants whose number ranks top in China. In the past three years, the concept of healthy life was greatly promoted by this fair. The number of people who eat and advocate vegetarian food is increasing. More and more green and healthy food is appearing. Moreover, eating vegetarian food is no longer related with religion but a new style of healthy life, as well as a modern fashion of global diet.

Exquisite Exhibits Producing Visual and Gustatory Enjoyment

70% of the exhibitors of CXIVFF come from Taiwan whose industry of vegetarian food is in leading level. Since the market in Taiwan is nearly saturated, many companies turn their eyes at the huge market of Mainland China. For the best exhibits with appealing color and smell, this fair is sure to attract plenty of visitors to appreciate and purchase.

Four Co-located Fairs Attracting Large Amounts of People

This year, CXIVFF will be co-located with China Xiamen International Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair and China Xiamen International Tea Fair. Exhibitors of previous fairs are fully satisfied with this kind of combination. Many pointed out that their exhibits were sold out at the first day of the fair. With nearly 120,000 visitors expected this year, the fair will be the best platform for you to showcase products and promote brands.